Coaxial Cables

The CFP coaxial cable series is part of our extensive range of flexible coaxial cables which offer low loss and outstanding performance. It delivers great amplitude and phase stability up to 18 GHz. 

Featuring an ultra-low density PTFE tape dielectric and a minimal thermal coefficient of expension, the CFP cable series can withstand high levels of power and temperatures of up to +200°C. It is also a very competitive solution compared to other low-loss coaxial cables such as the CFT and CFS series

The CFP coaxial cable properties make this cable series a great alternative to some of the leading RF cables.

For applications up to 18GHz, our CFP460 cable can replace the SFT142, or the Astrolab 32022. The CFP520 cable is also an excellent alternative to the SFT205, the Harbour LL142 and the Astrolab 32022. Finally, our CFP640 and CFP 760 cables offer the similar electrical performance as that of the SFT304, the LL235 from Harbour and the Astrolab 32051.   

At lower frequencies, the CFP930, CFP1200 and CFP1500 cables provide reliable alternatives to the SFT393, the SFT226 and the SFT600 cables respectively.  

Suitable for a wide range of applications requiring low-loss, high power transmission and high shielding capabilities including electronic systems, aircraft, ships, vehicles, radar of ground equipment, control, navigation, computing, communication, command, identification, tracking, warning, etc

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