Coaxial Cables

Designed for performance

Our extensive range of high-performance, lightweight, flexible coaxial cables was designed to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding applications. Whether your focus is on low loss, phase stability, or performance under high frequency, we have a cable to serve your purpose. 

CFT Series

High precision – Outstanding phase & amplitude stability – Extreme bending life

Test & Measurement – VNA – Radar – Avionics

CFS Series

Ultra low-loss – Great phase & amplitude stability – High precision – Ultra-thin diameter

Interconnection of modules – Base station – Radio

CFA Series

Low-loss – Great phase & amplitude stability – High frequency – Competitive price

Radars – Avionics – Radio – Navigation systems – Communication systems

CFP Series

Power resistance – Low-loss -Great phase & amplitude stability – High bending times

Avionics – Radio – High-power – Base stations 

CSA Series

Ultra flexible – Great phase & amplitude stability – Low-loss – Harsh environment resistance

Cabinet jumper – Radar – Instruments – Outdoor

CFE Series

Low-loss – High cost / performance

System interconnexion – wireless radio station

CMG Series

Semi-flexible – Low-loss

Base Stations – Delay lines – System interconnexion – Mobile testing – Mobile communication systems – Radars

CRM Series

Semi-rigid – Ultra low-loss – Great phase stability – High temperature resistance

Medical equipment systems – Communication systems – Radars – Control Systems

CRG Series

Semi-rigid – Low-loss – High temperature resistance

Base Stations – Delay lines – System Interconnexion – Mobile testing – Mobile communication systems – Radars

Coaxial Cables

Excellence in numbers

1 dB
bending t.

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At Mechanc, we understand the challenges specific to your industry. We see ourselves as your privileged partner to a successful completion of your end-product. 


Our equipment is tested against the most stringent international standards.


Our products are tested against the most stringent international standards.

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Our engineers build on decades of experience developing RF solutions.