Cable Assemblies

Our ruggedized VNA test cables are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of test lab environments and production testing. They provide minimal phase change to ensure that amplitude and phase variation occuring after VNA calibration does not lead to innaccurate S Parameter measurements. These amplitude and phase stable cables also offer thousands of mating cycles required to make accurate Vector Network Analyzer. 

Our VC series offer competitive alternatives to the most respected solutions on the market. Rated up to 67GHz, our VC185 cable assembly can replace the VNA FF cable from Gore. Our VC24 cable is a compelling equivalent to Gore’s VNA FD and Maury’s SV-292 and SV-24292 solutions up to 50GHz. For applications up to 26.5GHz, our VC35 cable series can replace both Gore’s VNA FB and Maury’s SV-35.

CompetitorPart numberMechanc part numberFrequency (GHz)
Maury MicrowaveSV-24VC2450
Maury MicrowaveSV-292 and SV-24292VC29240
GoreVNA FFVC18567
GoreVNA FEVC2450
GoreVNA FDVC29240
GoreVNA FBVC3526.5

All VNA Test Series Specification