Cable Assemblies

Our preconfigured precision test cables are designed for the most demanding test and measurement applications, from basic bench use through to life cycling testing. Whether you are looking for economy RF test cables for basic testing needs, or high-preformance phase stable cables and skew match cables for more sophisticated measurements, our precision test cable series is a guarantee of precision and long-term performance.

The performance of our pecision test series are similar to those of the most recognized brands. Our PC10 cable assemblies can replace Gore’s PhaseFlex CX for applications up to 110GHz. The PC185 can be used as an equivalent to Gore’s PhaseFlex 0F or Maury SP-185 up to 67GHz. From 18GHz to 40GHz, our precision test cable assemblies offer a wide range of solutions that provide outstanding alternatives to Gore’s FlexPhase series and Maury Microwave’s StabilityPlus Series

CompetitorPart numberMechanc part numberFrequency (GHz)
GorePhaseFlex CXPC10110
GorePhaseFlex 0FPC18567
Maury MicrowaveSP-185PC18567
GorePhaseFlex 0FPC2450
Maury MicrowaveSP-24PC2450
GorePhaseFlex 0KPCA29240
GorePhaseFlex 0DPCB29240
Maury MicrowaveSP-292PCB29240
GorePhaseFlex 0WPCA3526.5
GorePhaseFlex 0T & 0RPCB3526.5
Maury MicrowaveSP-35PCB3526.5
GorePhaseFlex 0U & 0SPCN18

All Precision Test Series Specification