Semi-rigid coaxial cables

Semi-rigid coaxial cables

Semi-rigid RF cables by Mechanc are high-performance, phase and amplitude stable coaxial cables. Used on critical RF systems for the military and space applications, those RF cables can withstand the harshest environment conditions.  

Coaxial cables from our semi-rigid series provide the same electrical perfomance as some of the most respected solutions on the market.

CRG Coaxial Cable Series

The CRG coaxial cable is a semi-rigid solution capable of operating in high temperatures. 

This coaxial cable is mainly installed in base stations, delay lines, and radars. It is also used in mobile communication systems and  for testing. 

CRM Coaxial Cable Series

A semi-rigid coaxial cable which can withstand extremely high temperatures. Also features great phase stability. 

This coaxial cable is used in medical equipments, as well as in communication and control systems.