Low loss RF cables

Low-Loss, flexible Coaxial Cable

Low-loss coaxial cables are flexible coaxial cable which provides ultra-low loss and great phase and amplitude stability. This coaxial cable can operate up to 110 GHz and is ideally suited for RF and millimeterwave test and measurement applications. Capable of withstanding hundreads of thousands bending times, this coaxial cable series is designed to deliver precison even in the most challenging test environment

Coaxial cables from the CFT series provide the same electrical perfomance as some of the most respected solutions on the market.

CFT Coaxial Cable

High precision coaxial cable offering outstanding phase & amplitude stability and extreme bending life.


Applications include test & measurement, VNA test, radar and avionics.

CFS Coaxial Cable

This ultra low-loss coaxial cable provides remakable phase & amplitude stability and high precision despite an ultra-thin diameter.

Ideal for interconnection of modules in base stations and radars. 

CFA Coaxial Cable

A low-loss  coaxial cable featuring impressive phase & amplitude stability. A competitive alternative to our CFT coaxial cable series. 


Ideal for interconnection of modules in base station and radars. 

CFP Coaxial Cable Series

A coaxial cable designed for high power resistance. Also delivers interesting low-loss performance and excellent phase & amplitude stability. 

Well-suited for all applications that require high power resistance. 

CFE Coaxial Cable Series

An economic coaxial cable providing interesting low-loss performance at the best price. 



Mostly used for system interconnexion and wireless radio stations.