Coaxial Cables

CSA Coaxial Cable Series

The CSA coaxial cables are super flexible cables which can perform outstandingly up to 40 GHz. This cable series provides the lowest transmission loss among our range of ultra flexible cables. 

The CSA coaxial cable series uses a silver platted coper inner conductor insulated with LD-PTFE.  The FEP-made jacket allows for outstanding flexibility and shielding effectiveness. 

Some of our ultra-flexible low loss CSA coaxial cables, such as our  CSA800W cable, are designed with a shielded inner conductor for enhanced bending resistance. 

Well suited for any application requiring high flexibility and low insertion loss such as module-to-module interconnect, board-to-board, system integration, between-the-box connections, inside-the-box systems, board-to-board-systems. This coaxial cable series can withstand harsh environments and is suitable for outdoor applications. 

CSA Series – Product Specification

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