Low loss coaxial cables

CFT Coaxial Cable Series

CFT coaxial cable is a flexible coaxial cable which provides ultra-low loss and great phase and amplitude stability. This coaxial cable can operate up to 110 GHz and is ideally suited for RF and millimeterwave test and measurement applications. Capable of withstanding hundreads of thousands bending times, this coaxial cable series is designed to deliver precison even in the most challenging test environment

Coaxial cables from the CFT series provide the same electrical perfomance as some of the most respected solutions on the market. 

The CFT240 and CFT360 coaxial cables offer excellent alternatives to the Gore CXN3506 and CXN3507 coaxial cables which operate up to 67 GHz and 50 GHz.

The CFT460 and CFT500 coaxial cables provide performance similar as that of the SF102 from Huber+Suhner and the Gore CXN2449, up to 40 GHz and 26.5 GHz. 

RF cables that belong to the CFT series also provide equivalents to the Gore PhaseFlex test cables. The CFT240A47 cable can be considered up to 67 GHz, the CFT360A61 up to 50GHz and the CFT420A70 up to 40 GHz.  Our CFT500A76 cable is a compelling solution up to 26.5 GHz. 

Coaxial cables from the CFT series are typically used for applications such as vector network analyzers, antenna ranges, automated test equipment, bench-top testing, electromagnetic compliance testing, high-throughput RF production testing, nearfield scanners, portable analyzers, test rack systems, wireless telecommunication module testing, thermal vacuum chambers, high speed digital test, and 5G testing

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