RF Connectors

SMP connector Series
to 40 GHz

Our SMP connector series is comprised of coaxial cable termination type, direct connection type, printed board soldering type, detachable type, through-wall type, medium through-wall type, air line through-wall type. 

The cable termination connectors are compatible with flexible low loss or phase stable coaxial cables, such as the CXN3657, CXN3500, CXN3506, CXN3507, UFB142A, SF102, IW1501, HF190, LL142, 32022 cables or the CFT240, CFT360, CFS150B, CFS150, CFS150U, CFS220, CFS220U, CFS310, CFS360, CFS390T, CFS400, CFS400B, CFA230, CFA370, CSA360 cables.

Compatible with the 047, 086, 141 types semi-flex or semi-rigid cables, such as  1671A, 1673A or CMG047, CMG086, CMG141 semi-flex coaxila cables, and the CLL50086, CLL50141, UT-085-LL, UT-141-LL or CRE047, CRM086, CRG086, CRE086, CRM141, CRG141, CRE141 semi-rigid coaxial cables. 

SMP connectors - Product specification