RF Connectors

2.92mm connectors
to 40 GHz

Our 2.92mm connector series is comprised of coaxial cable termination type, direct connection type, printed board soldering type, detachable type, through-wall type, medium through-wall type, air line through-wall type. 

Well-suited for use with flexible, low-loss, phase and amplitude stable coaxial cables such as the CXN3500, CXN3506, CXN3507, UFB142A, SF102, IW1501 series or our own CFT-240, CFT-360, CFS-220, CFS-360, CFS-390T, CFS-400, CFS-400B, CFA-230, and CFA-370 series.

Compatible with all 047 and 086 types, whether semi-flexible or semi-rigid, such as our semi-flexible 1671A,  CMG-047U, and CMG-086U or semi-rigid CLL-50086, UT-085-LL, CRE-047U, CRM-086, CRG-086, CRE-086U coaxial cables.

2.92mm connectors - Product specification​