RF Adapters

Type N In-Series Adapters,
DC to 18 GHz

Enhance the reliability and efficiency of your RF and microwave systems with our N-type in-series adapters, also known as N-type to N-type adapters. These adapters are specifically designed to provide robust connectivity in a wide range of frequency applications. They are essential for linking or extending N-type interfaces, which are commonly used in environments such as telecommunications, wireless networking, and test and measurement setups.

N-type in-series adapters are particularly important in applications requiring high power handling and low signal loss, such as in broadcast transmission systems, cellular base stations, and satellite communications. Their rugged design ensures durability and resilience, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including demanding industrial and military environments.

Our N-type to N-type adapters are recognized for their ability to maintain excellent signal integrity, even under challenging conditions, ensuring stable and reliable connections in various high-performance scenarios.

Our N type in-series adapters include a wide range of straight, right angle, flange adapter types as well as PCB mount, snap-on and quick-lock coaxial adapters. Common applications include R&D and laboratory testing, on-site product and field testing, EMC testing in anechoic chambers and RF modules testing.

Type N In Series Adapters - Product specification