Flawless signals.



DC to 110 GHz

Ultra Low VSWR

5000+ Mating cycles

Coaxial Cables

Our comprehensive range of coaxial cables delivers high precision, low loss, and electrical stability up to 110 GHz.

Coaxial Connectors

Our portfolio of RF connectors offers ultra low loss solutions for most commercially available interfaces.

Coaxial Adapters

Our adapters series cover most standard interfaces. Customized solutions can be manufactured and shipped at short notice. 

Cable Assemblies

Our line of cable assemblies offers ready-made solutions optimised for a wide range of industrial applications. 

Committed to deliver

Our clients expect more than outstanding interconnect solutions. 
Our products find applications in industries that require a committment to deliver on all fronts. 

Quality consistency

Each of our solution is tested manually before shippment.

Fastest delivery

We deliver worldwide within 4 weeks - rather than 6-8 weeks.

Competitive prices

Same specifications. Different prices. Why pay more?

Custom design

We manufacture solutions custom-made to your specifications.

Let us connect

Defining Performance

Coming from so many industries, our clients have different expectations as to what constitutes an optimal interconnect solution. This led us to design an exhaustive range of ready-made solutions that meet the requirements of most industrial applications. 

Electrical Performance

Low-loss, outstanding return loss, high-velocity, high-precision.

Environmental Stability

Vibration resistance, extended temperature range, high-power range.

Mechanical Performance

Lightwheight, high flexibility, advanced RF shielding.