Coaxial Cables

A versatile line of
coaxial cables

Mechanc RF coaxial cables portfolio consists of more than 70 cable types available in various impedance designs. Most of our RF cables are RoHS and REACH compliant and built to the stringent specifications of the military and space industries. 

RF coax cable design and construction materials have a direct impact on electrical performance, but also on a cable’s resistance to RF power, temperature, weight and flexibility. Therefore, our coax cables are built with single, double or triple shielding of various diameters and materials. Inner conductor are made in PFE, PE and PTFE to provide the electrical and mechanical characteristics that matter for your application.

Our RF cables provide performances similare to the most respected legacy brands. Check out our competitive cross reference chart to see how we can provide alternative solutions to those from Times MicrowaveGore and Huber+Suhner

Whether your focus is on low loss, phase stability, or performance at high frequency, we have a RF cable which meets your performance criteria. 

Low-Loss flexible
coaxial cables

Low-loss RF cables are flexible solutions which provide outstanding phase & amplitude stability and extreme bending life.


Applications include test & measurement, VNA test, radar and avionics.

Coaxial Cables

Our ultra flexible RF cables provides remarkable amplitude & amplitude stability. They provide excellent VSWR indicators despite their ultra-thin diameter.


Ideal for interconnection of modules in base stations and radars, SATCOM antennas 5G test systems.

Coaxial Cables

Semi-flexible RFcoax cables are hand-formable cables which provide very similar electrical performance as that of semi-rigid cables, without the need for tooling to be bent.   


Coaxial Cables

Mechanc’s semi-rigid RF coax cables are designed to provide outstanding amplitude and phase stability. The diameter and material of each cable influences the bending radius and the electrical characteristics of each solution.