Coaxial Cables

CMG Coaxial Cable Series

The CMG coaxial cable series features semi flexible, low-loss coaxial cables rated up to 40 GHz. The semi-flexible series allows for a higher degree of flexibility compared to our semi-rigid coaxial cable series such as the CRM and CRG series. Our line of semi-flexible, low-loss cables also include a more competitive CME series which performs outstandingly for applications up to 6 GHz. 

Our CMG cables are available with optionals FEP, LSOH or PVC sheaths. 

Ideally suited for all applications requiring manual bending and high shielding performance. Suitable for interconnection in complex systems that offer limited space to operate such as mobile communication base station, delay line and microwave, matrix radar, base station feeder, and mobile testing. 

All CMG Series Specification